Proctoring Service

The library does provide a proctoring service. Please review the policy and proctoring information below before contacting us at 712-623-6516 or at 

Red Oak Public Library Proctor Policy:

To meet the needs of students and institutions of higher learning, the Red Oak Public Library agrees to cooperate with patrons and institutions to support their lifelong learning goals by offering proctoring services.  This service is based on the availability of personnel, facilities, and technology to do so.  

The Library will attempt to meet the needs of patrons who require test proctoring, as long as the normal functions of the Library are not compromised.

The Library will conform to the testing institution's conditions for proctoring to the extent possible under normal, circumstances as long as the time is prescheduled and approved by the director.

It is the student's responsibility to follow up with the institution to ascertain that the test was received. The Library will not keep copies of test materials unless it is specifically requested by the institution.

Student Responsibilities:

The student will ask the library staff to proctor the exam.

The student is responsible for providing a copy of this policy to the educational institution if needed.

The student is responsible for making arrangements to take the exam including calling the library to make sure the test has arrived (electronically or via mail) and scheduling a time to take the test.  The student will schedule the exam time to END no less than 30 minutes before the closing of the library.

The student is responsible for ensuring that the computer resources at the library are adequate and available for test taking.

The student will provide a valid driver’s license or photo ID (if required) for verification of identity or the test will not be proctored.

The student will arrive prepared with the necessary or required supplies to take the exam.  These supplies will be made available for approval by the proctor if required.

The student is responsible for return postage and envelope for any exam which does not include a self-addressed stamped envelope.  Further if it is required to fax the test to the institution, the student will be responsible for that cost.

Responsibilities of the Library and staff:

The library staff will provide the student with a copy of this policy.

A library staff person will proctor the exam only with the permission and approval of the Director.

The proctor will observe the student while performing other tasks and assisting other patrons.  Proctoring at the library will include issuing the exam, being aware of the student taking the exam, periodically observing the student, and signing the proctor form and mailing the completed exam.  If an institution requires the student to receive constant uninterrupted observation the library may be unable to proctor the exam.

Library staff will not sign any statement required by the educational institution inconsistent with our policy or with how the test was administered.

Library staff may loan the use of a laptop computer if necessary to administer the exam.  The library does not allow the installation of any special software that may be needed to complete the exam on a library computer.

Library staff may refuse to proctor an exam too burdensome or exacting in its demands.

The library cannot provide proctoring for a group of students.

The library is not responsible if the website or email is not working.

The library is not responsible for exams that are lost by the postal system or electronically.